Wisdom Gleaned from Disney Songs

Wisdom Gleaned from Disney Songs

So, my whole house was sick last week. Yes, everyone. I really think even the plants looked run down (okay, so I have one tiny one, but still). My 8-month-old son spent his days grizzling and sticking everything in his mouth, namely the remote to the Apple TV. Not the easiest item to dry out.

My daughter spent her days asking for things then saying… no, wait, screeching… “That’s not what I want!” Then sobbing. It was fun. It got real. Then I started playing The Little Mermaid and everyone miraculously fell silent with their little mouths agape. I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I was belting out Ariel’s “Part of Your World” and they both felt sorry for me, or if they were just too run down to cry anymore. Either way, it was heaven. I got a full 20 minutes of peace – thanks, Ariel.  Somewhere in between all of that I had a few thoughts on some wisdom from Disney – you know, some Wis-ney. (Because us mamas love our abbreviated word mash-ups. Less syllables to keep straight.)


Let It Go

Ahhhh, Frozen you’ve given us so much. So much merchandise – from costumes to lunch boxes to overpriced birthday party swag – but your biggest gift that keeps giving has been a mindset for all moms. Let it go. Sure, sing it out. But, really… Let. It. Go. The need to be perfect and compare and feel guilty. It is all a waste of time so just let it all go. Well, fine, finish up googling how to get your 3 year old to eat protein… but then? Then, let it go.

Part of Your World

Ariel’s song, “Part of Your World” is no longer about a guy she sees once and falls madly in love with and wants to give up her voice for in exchange for legs. No, no, my friend it’s a call out from moms deep in the trenches of diapers, laundry and every possible bodily liquid. (Ew.) This song is a longing serenade from mommies to all their single gal pals out there. We wishhhh to still be a small “Part of Your World” so keep inviting us out and telling us your oh so entertaining drunken stories. You know, so we feel an unstoppable pang of jealousy and reminisce what we did on Friday nights before kids. That era before our lives now: which is where we pass out and drool on the couch by 8 p.m.

A Whole New World

Motherhood. Yup, Aladdin wasn’t singing about anything else. He was forewarning Jasmine. Maybe he planned to knock her up sooner rather than later? The peeing, the wiping, the false promises, and empty threats… it really is a whole other world, universe and planet. Sometimes I wanna ask where I can get my exit visa from?


A warning not to drink too much coffee or you’ll start seeing fairies and thinking you have superpowers. And attempt to climb inside the nearest pumpkin. One a day, lady. Okay, two. But seriously make an effort and drink water with each sip.

When Will My Life Begin?

This anthem from Tangled sums up all of our teen hopes of escaping our mothers’ overbearing love… it’s also a mommy cry for help. If you find yourself humming this one on repeat please get yourself checked out for post-natal depression.

Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time, indeed. The pretty and ugly in motherhood. This song preaches it and convinces us of the truth… that it’s all there and we can either see it as glitter or gutter, preferably glitter.


So, amidst all the sickness, the screeching, and snot-and-drool-soaked remotes I decided I love the maple syrup goo. I love the mess. There are so many articles warning mamas about slowing down and that it “goes so fast.” And how now their baby’s on a varsity soccer team they miss those sleepless nights and the smell of a newborn. And “the other day she pooped peed and washed alone! I missed out. Why was in a rush again?” I’m not sure but I know that I’ll definitely treasure these moments with my second who’s creeping up to 7 months. Well, if only he would stop throwing up so often and waking up so much during the night. And my 2 year old’s screeching might be deemed endearing to my memory banks in about 20 years.

The Wis-ney lore I gleaned is deciding I like the mess. I like the stains. I like the permanent marker scribbles on my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. I have forced myself to like them. So, yes, I’m gonna stop managing and cleaning up and start living in this whole new world.





  1. Diana Flegal
    May 9, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Oh how well I remember those days, but now my boy is 27 soon to be 28. Yes, the years do fly by and I too, have had to LET IT GO!

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