So, what’s in Magic Mommyhood’s diaper bag?

So, what’s in Magic Mommyhood’s diaper bag?

Having a baby is stressful enough without all the anxiety behind trying to “handle” your baby’s first big poop. In public. Alone. So, get ready your pen and paper to take down some notes on what’s in Magic Mommyhood’s diaper bag?

Off the top of my head (I mean, my preggo-hampered brain) I would say:

  1. Baby wipes

Yes, baby wipes…like A LOT. I prefer Mustela baby wipes. Sure, they’re a little more pricey than Johnson & Johnson but there are discounts on all Mustela products every so often at the Baby shop in Oasis Center and in Dubai Mall. Worth stocking up when there is. And if Mustela isn’t your thing order some good ol’ fashioned Chubs baby wipes×72-20-wipes at a discounted 5 dirhams a pack on

  1. Hand sanitizer

Poop is gross. I don’t care if it’s your baby’s, it’s still poop. I go through a lot of mini Dettol hand sanitizers and then rehydrate my hands with a mini hand cream from L’Occitane.,82,1,29193,261659.htm

It’s all about mini versions of essentials in this mommy’s diaper bag!

  1. Diapers (duh)

I’ve found the FINE brand to have the least leakage…very unexpected for a previous loyal Pampers customer. It’s worked so far (touch wood.) with zero leakage and you can find them at any Union Coop.

  1. A Toy for distraction

Look no further than Daiso in Dubai Mall where you will be sure to get something affordable, unbreakable and with a very annoying sound to keep your child distracted while he lies flat on his back and tries to squirm away mid-diaper change. Look for the squeaky toys. They have gotten me through many messy situations.

  1. Change of clothes

A change of clothes for your baby… sometimes for us mamas too and definitely for your toddler who is newly potty trained and still seems to “forget” that she has to pee when she’s busy playing. This has mostly happened at Le Petit Palais in Dubai Mall. I really spend a bulk of my afternoon apologizing for things I haven’t done. Easy to wear onesies and jeggings are plenty to choose from at the Baby Gap and the Baby Shop Stock up!

  1. A changing pad

Foldable and durable are two key qualities when looking for a changing pad. The best one I’ve found I bought on with dooky’s distracting design. Again, you really want something that can easily be folded up and wiped down… again and again and again.

  1. Sudocream

Any and every pharmacy has it, and any and every mama swears by it. Why make your bag bulky with a big tub of it? I say upgrade size as your baby’s bum grows! Starting off with a mini version is more than enough.

  1. Disposable seat covers

For the toddler who’s going to have to pee in public. A LOT. I order these off amazon

although they’re also available at Mothercare.


So that’s pretty much it, mamas! 8 essential items. Break it down to basics and you’ll get through it with these items that should always be in any mommy’s diaper bag. Good luck, stay strong and remember, when in doubt sing “twinkle twinkle little star” in your baby’s face. The shock of how bad your voice is will surely quiet them down for a minute or two so you finish up that diaper change. On a side note – I still can’t believe I’m pregnant again…how am I going to fit everything into ONE bag?  Any suggestions?

*A big thank you to Insydo for publishing this first!



  1. Layal
    May 27, 2016 / 2:58 pm

    This is gold!!! Now we need tips on baby furniture in Dubai.. all the best rated cribs are not sold in Dubai 🙁

    • June 10, 2016 / 9:34 am

      I’ll add that to my list of things to write about! Anything else? 🙂 I always love getting new ideas of what to write about!

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