What Your Kids Teach You (Even When You Don’t Want to Learn it)

What Your Kids Teach You (Even When You Don’t Want to Learn it)

Having three kids means I have the opportunity to totally mess up and do things over with the second and the third, or both. It also means that I sadly have a lot less time to assess whether or not I’m doing a good job with each or as a mama as a whole. Oh well. No time to dwell.

So here are a few things each of my kids have taught me so far. This counts as a blog post but also as a journal entry into each one of their baby books. Multitasking and efficiency are the essence to my very existence! Well, that and espresso!

You know how they say what we ate, thought, and did during our pregnancies ends up affecting the child? Oops, if you hadn’t heard that, sorry. This is a judgment-free zone. This may all be just my internal monologue on what I think affected each of my kids. Here’s what I think each pregnancy did to each of my puzzle pieces:


Ah yes, receiver of the most attention. I wrote everything down and fretted and made resolutions and rice pudding. I cried just as much as you over every vaccination, if not more. I went overboard on your birthday, and sanitizing, and Gina Ford, and the organic food store. I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t understand that I could stay my silly self with you. You had hip dysplasia and it was then that I learned all about perseverance. According to you, dear child #1, why wouldn’t I crawl wearing a hip brace for seven months? You did that and more.

Middle one

It’s like you knew there would be one soon after you. I was chilled with you and actually flew to New York when I was 7 months pregnant oh, and with a 1.5 year old big sister who decided on that trip to not sit in her stroller. My middle one forced me to see that nothing was really that big of a deal. I was calm, cool and collected until my water broker at 36 weeks. You seemed to take your time to see if you really wanted to be a part of this family, and you realized you didn’t have to smile unless you wanted to. You’ve got your own groove.

Lucky last

I’ve had to balance it all and it’s been quite a bit to take on honestly. I’m sorry that you were squashed in my jeans for so many days and grew in utero off the remnants of your siblings’ breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I was paranoid and extra careful with you—steroid shots and all. You taught me I always have time for one more smile and dance off.

Whatever the order, whatever the lesson I love the 3 of you puzzle pieces more than anything. Nothing will change that. Not even another baby. #nevergonnahappen.


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