Toddlericious – the Love/Irked Tug of War

Toddlericious – the Love/Irked Tug of War

Toddlers are amazing. They really are. Finally your little bundle of joy IS actually pure joy (by that I mean that you’re not just faking it!) and more than,…well, wobbly body parts. They can now talk and walk and say things and actually do things. I mean, more than poop and sleep and, of course, ever so attractively drool.

Having said that I sometimes–just sometimes–miss being able to plop her down in front of the TV, or in the car seat, and squeeze a squeaky toy in front of her face to get a quiet minute to chat to my bestie over a fresh cup of Starbucks. But, I have to treasure these moments and the unique phase of toddlerness a.k.a. Shoot me now, when does this phase end?


What’s to love (and not love) about toddlers?

1) Easily amazed: Everything is new. Like even windows. I mean how amazing is it that they open and close? Wow. Impressive.

2) Non-conformists: There is no right way of doing things. I mean why wouldn’t we try to climb up a slide? Who said we can only slide down them?

3) Easily entertained: They find the littlest thing funny. Like wearing underwear as a hat. That happens a lot in our house.

4) So f-ing opinionated: My daughter literally told me that my hair was ugly this morning. I cried. Right after sending her to the corner.

5) ADHD can reduce tantrum time:  She will literally be sprawled on the ground sobbing one second, but if you exclaim: What is that? Is that a giraffe? Cue the giggles.

6) Gut driven: They know what they like and what they don’t. What feels right and what doesn’t. You know, at the doctor’s office, your tone when talking with your mother-in-law, and when you talk to your husband in an all-too-sweet tone and use big words that have insults inserted in between them or resort to sarcasm. They don’t understand it but they get it because they’re running on toddler instincts.

7) Judgy bastards: They judge you. They tell you when what you’re wearing is ugly or nice or “tupid.” Or maybe that’s just my daughter with me? #callingoprah

8) Needy. Oh-so needy: Like can I pee please? Or eat? Or sleep or breathe or do anything without you stuck to my ass?


Still, would I rather hang out with a toddler than anyone else. You know, mostly to put my ego in check.


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