Things I Wanted to Change Yet Now Don’t Care About

Things I Wanted to Change Yet Now Don’t Care About

Needing to have a perfect-sized family. So, I’m blessed. And not in an “I can eat whatever I want and not gain too much weight” sort of way but more like I’m blessed in the motherhood game. Sure my kids wake up at all hours of the night and have smelly poop and projectile vomit on me, but I have two and I’m still alive and they’re both healthy. Yes, my daughter had hip dysplasia and had to wear leg braces for 7 months of her first year, and my boy had colic and cried for the first 4 months of his life, but I am so grateful it was nothing worse and that my kids are doing fine now.

Stop biting my nails I bite my cuticles. I tear at them and make them bleed. My manicurist Jocelyn always recommends cuticle oils and creams, to which I nod and agree and stack them up next to the moisturizing hair mask conditioner that my hairdresser sells me. All stacked in a Sleeping with the Enemy OCD way. Untouched with labels facing out at the same angle.

Silly pelvic dance Yes, I have one and I no longer care if it looks weird. I was the funny girl. Not the silly one… or the sporty one (although I was a bit of that too) but I was the funny one pretending to eat as though I was on a cooking show, “and here we have some balsamic reduction.” Why is everything on cooking shows a reduction and why is that a good thing? Anyway, my dance is pelvic and silly and that’s that.

Hair hatred Confidence is contagious. I really hated mine and spent years straightening and coloring and ironing and and and and only to be left with so little of it now. I hated my curls and remember Cristine from Sweden who had the blondest straightest hair ever. All swingy and shit. But now, I am at peace with my hair. All seven pieces of it.

Correct chopstick use That’s right, I will never, ever judge you for how badly you wield chopsticks. Life is too short.

But one thing I do care about deeply is saying good morning. To everyone. Every morning. Even the plants. Especially the plants.

What did you used to want to change and now no longer care about?


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