She’s Three and Her Friend is a Bad Influence…already?

She’s Three and Her Friend is a Bad Influence…already?

I was thrilled when Adriana started nursery to hear of a friend she had who was her size, her age and well, had her curly hair! They immediately bonded over swings and spaghetti and before I knew it she was at our house more than a few afternoons a week. Sounds ideal, right? Ummm not so much because this girl was bad news. Sounds horrible to say that about a three year old, but it’s true.

Here’s a handy chart to check if your child’s new bestie is an Okay friend or a Not Okay friend. It’s not like I dropped the Not Okay friend, I just didn’t make it so easy for her to take over our life.

Okay New Friends Not Okay New Friends
They come over for two hours and not one second longer They move in to your home
Your kid is suddenly interested in your chess board Suddenly the genitalia is drawn in on your kid’s Barbies, in Sharpie
They play tea sets and don’t even spill water everywhere They play “pretend war” and try to strangle your kid and your baby
They volunteer to set the table, make beds, tidy bedrooms and sort the laundry pile for you, talking your kid through how to do this… in French They criticize the fact that you keep oven trays in the oven and let kids lick the spoon whilst licking all of the spoon
They point out places you’ve never heard of on the world map, and offer up a random fact about each country. “That’s Bhutan. The official language there is Dzongkha.” They hide your wallet and credit cards
The only thing they pick is your weak argument of why they can’t have a second slice of pizza


They pick anything and everything including your own nose and wedgie. #awkward


Their definition of washing up before dinner is using their tongue as a disinfectant


There’s no such thing as too much detol
They great you with either a handshake, a hug or a high five


Their way of saying hello is an ass slap or by throwing the nearest toy in your face


They avoid any hazardous materials like the plague They seek out hazardous materials like an ex con and consider a day incomplete endless it has ended in fumes or fire


She is intrigued by the national geographic channel and asks to turn Frozen off after the intro music


They refuse to watch anything but Frozen…over and over and over again.



I know, I’m not going to be able to control a lot of things as she gets older but for the meantime I’d love her to hang a bit more with Chia Chin who’s sixth language is English, who wouldn’t?



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