Say Yes to Grass Stains

Say Yes to Grass Stains

Something happened to me in November and a little bit in December. Something drastic. I lost my umpf. I lost my drive. I lost my… yeah, I lost my shit. I was just over everything. From my hair, to social media, to it all. A bout of bad fevers and more than a few tantrums… and I had to… you know, get on with it.

In that blur of bad nights and hard days though, I lived. I mean really lived, as in, I wasn’t thinking about which angles to shoot from and write. It was more than a digital detox… it was a breakthrough (I know that sounds more dramatic than it was) and here I am safe and sound on the other side remembering why I chose to do this.

My daughter turned four, one son turned two and the other turned one. I remembered this is meant to be fun. The writing, the kid-raising and the mama resilience. So, I’m back in that zone clutching onto everything and everyone that reminds me to swing higher and grip tighter and embrace those grass stains.

*This post is inspired by the first episode of the 3rd season of Black Mirror. Sick but oh so true. Read this and watch that.


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