Rioooooo Rioooooo (Sound the Alarm He’s Turning Two)

Rioooooo Rioooooo (Sound the Alarm He’s Turning Two)

Just when my oldest moves into the world of being four, my second-born enters the year of being two. It’s that time of year again… I scramble to organize a fun, interesting birthday bash. This is my fifth party I’ve thrown.

I’m all about the underdogs and having things at a unique venue.

Al Barsha Fire Truck Station was definitely the perfect choice for me this year. And honestly, what boy wouldn’t love a fire truck/superman themed party in a space where you can crank it up?

What I’ve learned from organizing Rio’s party:

  1. Each child is different and some may not even like to party. Luckily, or is it unluckily?, my kids do like to party.
  2. Less is more. Unless you’re talking about cake. Or chocolate. Or apple juice.
  3. It’s impossible to negotiate so just go with it. Case in point: Rio opted for a double-themed do. Superman anddddd fire truck. I mean, why not right? At least it wasn’t a Batman/My Little Pony.

What I haven’t learned yet:

  1. That people don’t really care about the birthday child. Or the party. Just the cake. And the yummies. Sugar is sugar.

And now for my real thank yous. Like the Oscars, but not.

Al Barsha Fire Station

Thank you for being so easy going with the 40+ screaming kids that my son invited. Not to self to not let him grab hold of all the invitations and hand them out to anyone and everyone in school. Or not.

PolkaDot Party Hire

I really love when the organizers take on the role of worry while getting things done. The owner Tania was fully available on whats ap and phone calls offering up her honest advice of what would go better together and match the motif … and not “clash” with the fact that we were in a fire station. Things could not have been more perfectly arranged for the superman fireman fusion party. Needless to say they have lots of experience throwing parties in Fire stations. They have all the right “equipment” that fit in well with the theme like, cute whitewashed wooden picnic tables for kids. Their focus? To keep a mama calm and focus on delivering great service and affordable party options.  This really is a boutique party hire company that provides a one stop shop that can provide everything from the furniture hire, table settings, bouncy castles, party snack options, mascots, entertainment, games and more. They also have All-In-One Party Packages to make it easier for time pressured families. Their booking process is super easy with online payment options so you can totally eliminate the need to awkwardly pay the day of the birthday.

Kids HQ

There are play places who host parties and then there are play places who offer to share their phenomenal hosts. I can’t thank Eliza and Alvin enough because well, they not only put my singing and dancing skills to shame but they are honestly two of the nicest people.


Everyone in Dubai knows limetree for hitting the nail on the head in being healthy and yummy. It’s not easy to achieve that after all. As mamas we all know this and are constantly trying to capture both.

Sweetlane cakes

It was gorgeous. The whole thing. Every layer. Inside and out. Honestly. Having the cake delivered to me… yes, in the fire station also saved me some time so I could focus on sending positive energy out into the universe about no one falling and needing stitches. #everyonesurvived #energyisreal

Desert Chill ice cream truck

What’s a birthday without ice cream?  What’s life without ice cream for that matter?  Adults were reminded of their childhood in an instant when an ice cream truck rolled by with what seemed like endless types of ice cream on a cone and different flavored popsicles.  They were the easiest vendors I’ve ever dealt with … EVER and had such chilled reassuring nature over endless whats ap messages (pun intended – sorry -).  Desert Chill was started by two passionate and ice cream obsessed brothers Dan and Nathen Furlong. I guess they’re both hanging on to those childhood memories of running outside because of those familiar ice cream vans chimes.

Although a lot of lessons were learnt this birthday, a top priority was remembering to always have an ice cream truck when all else fails (which knock on wood nothing failed but you know what I mean), because well…who doesn’t love “ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.”  There’s a reason there’s a song people.


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