Open Letter to Digital Natives While You Still Read the Alphabet

Open Letter to Digital Natives While You Still Read the Alphabet

I think it’s great that I can order Pampers, new Havaianas, and the latest NY Times bestseller with one click. But my day is sprinkled with the fake… okay, doused. I’m swimming in it: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. All the time. If I’m this “taken” by the virtual, then how affected by technology will my kids be?

So before communication is reduced to emoticon-only, here’s a letter to my digital natives on technology. And, by letter, I mean list. Because attention spans are, well, not what they used to be.

Hi there my little puzzle pieces, you are growing up in a different day and age. Here are my hopes, fears, and kind requests on keeping it “real.”

  1. Breathe in deep and savour the smell of crayons.
  2. Scratch ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers until the tip of your finger is numb.
  3. Will you have an active-enough imagination to imagine things that could be, but aren’t yet?
  4. Please don’t let, “My battery’s low” be your first sentence ever uttered.
  5. Will you live your life through social media and forget what I’ve been telling you, “The mess and cracks are where the magic lies”? Live the mess. You don’t have to record it.
  6. I wonder how much time you’ll spend indoors versus running around outside.
  7. Having a profession is not a bad thing and don’t be intimidated by all the “creatives,” “entrepreneurs,” and “coders” around you. Being a doctor should still be just as cool. And being a plumber will probably earn you the most.
  8. When’s the last time you even saw an actual puzzle? You must think me calling you “puzzle pieces” is as bad as, “C’mere you little Rubik’s cubester”. Confusing and annoying as hell.
  9. Will you even have the attention span to read this whole list?
  10. You probably stopped reading halfway through to google “being a doctor,” go a round of Candy Crush, and buy scratch ‘n’ sniffs from Amazon on my account…

Dear little puzzle pieces. Please go outside. Smile and make eye contact. Remember that human beings don’t speak in chipmunk-high voices, have huge eyes or sticks for bodies. But you may develop all of that if you don’t turn off that screen.

Okay, I guess you are reading this on a screen, but at least meet me halfway, try and keep your mama happy and read it on a screen outside? Deal?

*Thanks to Blunt Moms for publishing this first!



  1. December 15, 2016 / 3:14 pm

    Love this so much. So true and scary but hilarious…

    • January 4, 2017 / 11:32 am

      soooo scary right? Technology nowadays really is TOO MUCH. I mean, “HASHTAG TOO MUCH”.

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