Next stop? The Children’s Place.

Next stop? The Children’s Place.

It’s not often in parenthood you find that quick fix or one-size-fits-all solution. Not literally, of course because they grow so damn fast, but figuratively.

I don’t typically accept vouchers or promote brands because I’ve been doing my best to stay away from the mommy blogger pressure: “use this brand” or “heyyy buy this diaper rash cream guys it’s amazing.” No judgment at all, I just try to promote my story and writing on this journey. Especially with a NY book deal to deliver the goods on. Butttt. And here comes the big butt. Yes, similar to when I skip Physique 57 classes time and time again… (and no, this is not a plug and no, they will not be tagged in this post… er, actually I can’t promise that) I’ve decided to promote a brand.

I recently collaborated with The Children’s Place because, well, I believe in their brand, to say the least. I mean I’m truly and utterly obsessed with everything they have! When I was pregnant with my firstborn you could find me buying full retail prices (such a waste, let me tell you)… until I discovered The Children’s Place. Here’s why it’s a waste to buy full retail price:

1) Ummm….stains? I don’t know about you, but my kids’ clothing is always covered with SOMETHING. In the first five seconds of putting it on.
2) They grow faster than your wrinkles set in. It becomes a competition between your fine lines and their growing bodies.

And here are a few reason’s why The Children’s Place is the place and the way to find all that you need.

1) You want them to be somewhat fashionable but not spend thousands on what they’re wearing. I still lecture my mom and question why she put me in so much gingham. But nothing a few therapy sessions couldn’t fix! Retail therapy, that is.
2) This brand is America’s #1 brand and I can totally see why. Think of a one-stop shop to pick up a fancy dress for that school recital for your daughter, some t-shirts with the coolest graphics for your 2 year old and an adorable onesie in one place!

I mean, there’s really no reason not to go. If you live in Dubai and need to stock up on back-to-school items definitely go see them. I highly recommend the Burj Oman branch where you will find Trish, the nicest woman from Zimbabwe, there with a smile and ready to help you go through the sales racks and choose a few pieces for all of your kids!


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