When a Mama Drops the Ball…

When a Mama Drops the Ball…

Sorry for not posting last week or the week before or the week before that. I’m probably only speaking to my junior high English teacher, Mr. Zunigha and my mom here, but you deserve explanations. My fellow Dubai-based mommy bloggers might be reading but are also probably secretly high giving each other that I dropped the ball thinking I had given up posting … and writing … and all that jazz. The truth is that I haven’t. I didn’t so much drop the ball as the ball fell on top of me. And I still love writing and posting. But the ball that dropped on me was like a bucket of vomit so that took priority.

So, what is this ball I speak of? Sick. Kids. All. Three. With three different viruses. On and off for a while. Okay, so maybe not a month, but hey…I had to recover too, right? It was the perfect storm of contagion. It’s been … fun. Eventful. And I’ve learned so much about this state of being inside the whirling, sleepless, limbo of sickkiditis so here’s a list for you to a) read and smile and nod, b) skim then message me that it was great, or c) send me a heart after reading the title and send me an encouraging, “tomorrow will be better message.”

1. Thank you all you instafamous people for making feel totally envious of your posts while I was scooping up vomit. Your snapshots with #happyvibes made me smile… before sobbing and looking for the thermometer at 3 am.

2. I learned that Post-Its can cause Mama meltdowns. Like when I wrote ‘I will not lose it’ on a Post-It and then lost it… then referred myself to the next Post-It: ‘fake it ‘til your next catnap.’ It was like a trail of breadcrumbs with a stupid pigeon ready to gobble up my path out of the labyrinth of the maze of ear infection, gastro, wheezing cough, and the flu.

3. I imagined my kids aged 30 and closed my eyes tighter and imagined them calling me up to babysit their kids. I will be busy. I will be in the Bahamas. Or Cuba. Somewhere remote with “bad” reception and non-existent Wi-fi. Does a place like that even exist anymore?

4. I researched every single body part that was hurting or not functioning properly and what vitamin or medicine to take. I lost the Post-It that was written on 5 minutes later.

5. I looked up a 7-minute workout to do and promised myself I’ll do it and get back my pre-baby ass.

6. I YouTubed moms being funny and gazed at viral blog posts—not managing to watch or read anything, but just to know that they existed to keep me sane at 4:03 a.m. when the third one woke up right after the first one finally fell back to sleep and before having to re-ventilate the second one.

7. I sent loving texts to my husband who was away all week traveling for work, such as, “You’re an amazing dad!” and “I’m gonna spoil you so rotten when you make it back here!” and “We’re all rooting for you having a great week at work! Can’t get you outta my mind, babe!”

Yes, so, I’m still here. I’ve shrugged off the ball and showered myself free of the vomit—I think…. I still catch a phantom whiff of puke and want to puke myself. It’s been … real. But I’m back so don’t think we’ve broken up. We were just “on a break”. You know, I had to write that next.


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  1. June 11, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    “Tomorrow will be better” – no, seriously, I love this post. It’s very real. As are you!!!!

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