How to Make Reading, Writing (and Arithmetic?) Cool Again

How to Make Reading, Writing (and Arithmetic?) Cool Again

Ah, reading, writing, and arithmetic. The 3 Rs. Although, two of these three words don’t even being with “R.”

These are now outdated, uncool concepts in our world of digital natives. I was never much of a fan of arithmetic, to be honest. But reading and writing—yes.

I write. I write because I love it. Most of the time, at least. And I read for the same reason. Yes, in this social media-driven world I go against the grain and swim against the current of visual over word. I’d love to combine fashion with books: D&G and my marked-up copy of Anne Lamott in a photoshoot. Let’s do this!

Here are my suggestions for making writers and books and reading #trending:

1. Let’s stop writing the same stuff and start writing more new stuff
2. Let’s read different stuff and freaking share it. (Really wanted to write the other “f” word here but my editor shot me down.)
3. Big “cool” brands need to collaborate with writers or struggling writers and readers? Too needy? Imagine it: a photoshoot… the girl in lip gloss in a gorgeous ensemble, heels on… surrounded by books. Oh wait, that was me. Except I was wearing Converse. Looked awkward and the brand decided to reshoot after attempting to photoshop my entire face. Note to self—learn how to pose.
4. Start a campaign where attractive people read. And write. More than an autograph.
5. As for arithmetic… maybe Dior can use the Pi symbol on their next collection. Uh, beyond that, you got me stumped. I think the last cool pin-up for math was Matt Damon working the whiteboard in Good Will Hunting.

Until an element of coolness gets injected back into these three subjects I guess I just have to bite my huda beauty glossed lip and sport my Chanel glasses as I turn the pages to 40 rules of love. If you can’t beat them, join them? Or at least halfway.


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