Lessons I wish I learned along the way

Lessons I wish I learned along the way

I’m reliving my childhood since becoming a mama. I’m sillier, more carefree and really seem to have taken a new perspective to this all. On most days, anyways.
Don’t get me wrong. I’ve yelled my fair share about nose picking and spilling shit and just random ridiculous things they decide to spread, mix and bang together.

I consider myself lucky to have had kids pretty early on and really lucky to have had the chance to learn certain things from them that I wish I had learned earlier on in my own childhood….here’s a few:

1) Mistakes are there to be made and learned from and it’s really okay that you can’t erase all of them.
2) Your siblings are the only people who will know your faults and your flaws and every embarrassing hairdo in between.
3) Everyone pees themselves more than once in their life.

Sorry the blogs have been short recently but I’ve been desperately trying to get people to like me. Well, to like me and….yes, buy my book. My fourth child as I always say. So go ahead and subscribe to my blog for a free something and I promise no more flaking.


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