In flight epiphanies

In flight epiphanies

Hi there so I’m on a flight back to NYC after my intense week long book launch (well I was when I wrote this). Between multiple happy hours in the heart of the city to promote my book (with pop rocks rimmed cocktails, of course) and coffee mornings to try and charm people into buying a copy… let’s just say it was productively exhausting. From Barneys to Broadway (the street not a new Finding the Magic Musical…although I wouldn’t say no) to cozy Brooklyn meet and greets and random Uber conversations. It was good. It was hard, but good, I have to say. Kinda like giving birth. I told you this was my 4th, right?

So what I’ve learned from my NYC book tour:

1) When I’m nervous I get giggly. Need to stop this fast.
2) I’m sometimes so chatty that I forget to plug my book and other times I’m so “on” that I don’t bother introducing myself as the author or asking their name.
3) I should always wear flats to these things because I end up standing squatting and doing the running man when someone buys my book. Even more awkward in heels.
4) My hair is not photogenic nor does it cooperate with my murmurs of, “it’s a bed head look…right?”. The rain and wind in NYC did not help either.
5) Bring a book to look busy instead of desperately looking at people as they walk by your stand.
6) Learn to casually thank people instead of screeching, “wait you’re really going to buy 5 copies? FIVE?” in sheer excitement and disbelief.
7) No one really wants to hear about your children’s series when they’re buying your first book. Or do they? I’m on the fence for this one.
8) It is not okay to ask everyone if they know someone who works on Good Morning America. Or is it? On the fence for this one too. Six degrees of separation, right?
9) Friends who really love you will support, defend and over explain who you are when someone asks whether or not you’re on the NY Times bestseller list. And to that, I’m tempted to follow say, not yet. Is yours?

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