What I’m Secretly Thankful for this Thanksgiving

What I’m Secretly Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Sure, we’re all thankful. We stop and remind ourselves of what we should be thankful for: health and family and all that other stuff. That stuff matters. It’s the stuffing. But what’s the gravy? What are we also secretly thankful for? For the first thanksgiving ever I’m not worried about what I will or won’t be eating. I’m not concerned about what ingenious and perfect thing I need to or should say when we go around the table to “give thanks.” I’m secretly (now openly) thankful that:


  1. Only one of my kids had a tantrum this morning.
  2. My kids don’t have head lice, sorry if that sounds judgy for your kids’ head lice, but the ewww and the laundry of it…
  3. Not all of my hair has fallen out post third C-section, I still have a few tuffs.
  4. My varicose vein isn’t going to be the death of me.
  5. I still have a pair of jeans I can fit into. Okay, without buttoning them but still, being able to wear clothes makes it a good day, right?
  6. All that Hallowe’en candy has finally worked itself out of my toddler’s system. She can poop without candy corn lodged in there.
  7. My kids are figuring out how to all get along so I don’t carry through on my threat to take one or all of their toys away. This is less of a thank-you more of a I-thank-you-in-advance Jedi mind trick because it hasn’t happened but it will if I believe that hard enough. (Or take the toys away.)
  8. My incision hasn’t been torn open by playing football with my kids and jumping up and down dancing to waka waka from 5 am this morning.
  9. My three year old broke my iPhone again but it still works if I bang it down three times and loosen some of the glass shards before making a call.
  10. My one year old only bruised up one side of his face this morning while lunging for another pancake.
  11. My newborn is colicy but still has that pleasant newborn cry. You know, the one you can still tune out.

So, no, we’re not American, well, by passport we are (or rather, my husband and three kids are), but God bless you Canada, I’m still representing you! There’s still something about this magical time of year that I want to carry around in my pocket. Yes, even though it’s still 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside (35°Celsius) and jacket-wearing season never really kicks off in Dubai. I am going to indulge in that second helping of stuffing and start bringing out the Christmas decorations. And get started on my secret list for Santa.


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