I had a tantrum this morning.

I had a tantrum this morning.

I know I said that I was going to be writing here less and focusing more on my book, but I had to take a moment and tell you that I had a tantrum this morning.

Yes, me. And yes, a full blown toddler terrible two sequel tantrum. That’s right. No, not the kids. Me. It was me. I’m not sure what came over me and it wasn’t the first but I had a full blown mommy tantrum in front of my practically 3 under 3. I’m coining the term mommy tantrum, ok?

So we all know what toddler tantrums look like, but there are a few that are maybe not so sure what mommy tantrums look like. Let me let you in on a little secret of how it all plays out, or at least how it played out for me.

I reach a breaking point or boiling point or however you want to call it and then there’s the following series of events:

1. My eyes get teary
2. My nose gets red
3. I try to keep some perspective and remind myself that I’m trying to argue logically with a two year old. A two year old. This argument usually involves socks. Or underwear. Today it was both.
4. I go and wash my hands – somehow I’ve convinced myself that this should have a calming effect. It doesn’t.
5. My eldest…barely even 4 year old stares at me and then her younger brothers like, “oh shit guys…she’s really lost it now”
6. I furiously message my husband, “seriously losing it”
7. Message my mom, “why didn’t you tell me this was going to suck so hard”
8. Choose one phrase and repeat it over and over again. It’s usually one of these, “they are so selfish” or “no one appreciates anything” or “seriously guys….just shareeeeeeeee”
9. Grab a pen and post it and write “this too shall pass” as your therapist aka friend who doesn’t have kids yet recommended you do.
10. Remind yourself that they won’t be this age forever.

So, mamas…don’t forget that sometimes just sometimes…you may need to take a breather and carry on. Umm…most times. Okay, so, it might be a daily occurrence but only because losing it comes easily to mamas that are worn down. Don’t feel bad though, it’s just one more thing you and your toddlers can bond about later … you know after the tears have dried and socks are no longer an issue.


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