The Honest Truth about Your Third Pregnancy…

The Honest Truth about Your Third Pregnancy…

So when baby #1 was 2 years old I fell pregnant with baby #2, and when he was barely 6 months old I got pregnant again! Oh, how things have changed. Long gone are those nutritious fruit and protein packed smoothies I used to drink with baby #1 along with my pregnancy vitamins in all the mandatory big, chunky tablets. The second was a lot more ‘don’t forget them but shoot them down’. And the third? Let’s just say the sun has more than set by the time I remember to take my pre-natal vitamins and folic acid.

We all know what they say. Third times a charm. I’m here to say third times a blur. No judgment, please. Us mamas are still growing whole new bodies inside our bodies. But here are some honest truths about why it’s so different third time round. And why that’s totally okay.

The right to nap
Level of tiredness is way off the charts. Like way off. In fact, I am sure I will doze off mid-sentence at some point while writing this.

Baby #1: Naps were just a part of my day. Because I could. So, why not? In fact a lot of my pregnancy photos are of me indulging in a mid-picture snooze.

Baby #2: Ahhh the battle of guilt versus snooze. I felt guilty napping because I knew that I was going to have less time with my first by the time the second came along so I didn’t want to “waste time” snoozing. I know, I know, “Sleep when the baby sleeps!” but I was too busy nesting or freaking out about how I would handle being a mom of two.

Baby #3: Hubby and I took a mini break and although I had packed a lot of cute outfits with coordinated jewelry and sandals to wear on a night out. Yea…I needed my sleep.

Nutrition, pfffft
Baby #1: I took my vitamins every morning like clockwork and washed them down with a different juice. Lunch consisted of omega 3 salmon dishes and only brown rice. Everything healthy…

Baby #2: Thankfully my cravings consisted of white fish and asparagus. Oh, and I would remember to take my vitamins in the afternoon – you know, to be washed down with the last gulp of my soy cappuccino.

Baby #3: There’s nothing wrong with taking the week’s worth of omega 3s at once, right? So here’s the truth…I have barely remembered to take my vitamins and when I do days have passed so I tend to binge. Hopefully that works. Now I’m setting 67 alarms daily to remind me. And I’m still confused when they go off. Third time round I take my vitamins at night because well, that’s when I panic and remember. Oh, and I also avoid water in order to avoid frequent pee breaks. Long gone are my cravings or rather my ability to listen and respond to them. This is survivor mode.

Cute belly bump and glow
Baby #1: I’m not sure if it was because it was the first or because I was pregnant with a girl but I looked cute. I had the time. Hair, nails, outfits….all always done and featuring the bump.

Baby #2: So, apparently people look more gorgeous carrying a boy, but I broke the rule there. I looked bad. Bad bad. My hair was a mess. And my permanent look was a rushed high bun, boyfriend jeans and a random T-shirt. Ahhh the perks of delivering in the summer.

Baby #3: Pregnant with another boy and yup, definitely uglier. I feel like my nose is swollen. I also just look tired. Everyday. Like EVER-Y DAY. Worse than tired…drained. No, broken? I wonder if MAC has a special blush color to fix all that. Maybe I just need to wash my face?

So yes, all three times have been extremely different – as expected, but let’s be honest here each kick is as magical as the first.

Whether it’s your first, second or seventh pregnancy, remember that you are blessed to have this little puzzle piece growing inside you and that you are his or her mama for better or for worse. Bonded for life through giggles and spit up and everything in between.



  1. August 30, 2016 / 10:56 pm

    This was so sweet! Both my pregnancies were rough but as you said, I cherished all those wonderful kicks! Seriously now, don’t think I’ll be going for baby number 3 any time soon as my babies are still quite young (22 and 4 months) and I’m getting back to work this month.

    • September 7, 2016 / 3:00 pm

      Not gonna lie – it’s tough and I’ll let you know if I survive….pray for me?! Trying to keep finding that damn “magic” …strangely getting harder and harder on 4 hours of sleep a night! Please keep reading and sharing and liking and commenting! Good luck on getting back to work….let me know how it goes! I’m sure you’ll crush it! x

  2. August 31, 2016 / 9:39 am

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