Why I Hate Maternity Photoshoots and Love Newborn Shoots

Why I Hate Maternity Photoshoots and Love Newborn Shoots

I’m the farthest thing from an influencer despite what my daddy seems to think. But, having said that I’ve been trying to listen to some sound advice from…well, everyone and I’ve been making the most of a few of the opportunities I’ve been offered.  One of the most recent opportunities has been a photoshoot by the talented crew at Goldfish Photography. The other was a “special carpet” that you can remove any stain off of. Yes, some have been random and have had nothing to do with my brand but this is the social media game after all, isn’t it?

So it’s the second new born shoot I book with them and Goldfish (ummm…how do I suddenly have 3 kids?) made both great even with a crying 3 year old, a hyper 1 year old and a newborn all hanging around second time round.

Don’t get me wrong  though… yea, I love Monica Chindalia for making me feel pretty with a sweaty upper lip and a thousand breakdowns and pee breaks during my maternity shoot (shout out to her too @monicachindaliaphotography), but I think I DEFINITELY prefer newborn shoots. I mean, have you ever seen an ugly newborn picture?  It just doesn’t happen…but put a hat on that new teeny being and you have  adorableness for hours.  Trust me.

My trouble with maternity photoshoots is that I’m in them. As the focus. And I hate that. Especially when I’m about to pop out a baby because…

  1. I feel gross
  2. My eyes are almost always closed… I’m not sure if I get awkward or I genuinely blink way above the average
  3. Difficult to avoid the numerous pee breaks since mama photoshoots look best when it’s the third trimester and not like week #5 before the peeing goes into overdrive
  4. Difficult to avoid mama breakdowns and hiccupy sobbing with a photographer I’ve just met about how I will manage a newborn on top of a one year old and feisty toddler
  5. All round feeling vulnerable makes for less-than-gorgeous (in my opinion) and concerns that my dress is going to fall off and how much sand I might be getting in my face and eyes and hair and uterus?

But newborn photoshoots? I’m so there. I could do those all day.

  1. My newborn is cute
  2. He’s even cuter dressed up with accessories that 100s of other babies have worn or been adorned with
  3. Fussiness comes across as an “adorable face scrunch” in black and white
  4. Nobody can hear the screams
  5. Whoa, this photographer is super patient when my 3 year old attempts to lick the newborn’s head for the 15th time
  6. Ok, this lady is REALLY patient when all 3 puzzle pieces burst into tears unexpectedly and for no reason because why wouldn’t they?

A big shout out and thank you to Goldfish Photography—the entire team is brilliant, patient, and mega talented. (love you Becky and I really hope I made motherhood look…umm… interesting and fun).  Check out www.goldfishdubai.com and book them to experience their ‘special knack’ of bringing out the best in you and your newborn. Tears and snuggles and all. Thank you so much for capturing those special moments I can treasure forever. I guess what  I’m saying is that I’m ready to go for more kids’ shoots anytime you want to break out those yarn pants and unroll that sheepskin.  (Or my kids are. I don’t look my best on a sheepskin.)


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