Flashmob obsessed – what being in one taught me

Flashmob obsessed – what being in one taught me

How’re your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Mine are… not great to be honest. I still bite my cuticles—HOW DO I STOP? Please email me with suggestions. But one of my resolutions was to try new and exciting things. More than ordering something new off a menu. I promised myself I would try and “expand my horizon” and get scared. I truly believe it’s only when we’re in that space and are totally vulnerable that we… probably regret signing up for whatever it is we’re about to do. I know you were expecting me to serve up an epiphany but sorry, I had to keep it real.

So I signed up and showed up for a flashmob. I actually practiced. I tried to remember the moves… and then the instructor asked me if I knew how to focus and moved me to the last row in the back. #cringe

Having said that though, I did realize a few things before I swallowed the rest of my Red Bull (something I was convinced all dancers chugged) and my pride.

1. I hate being bossed around even if it’s by someone who’s clearly a better dancer.
2. I like the music that I like and simply can’t fake loving music that doesn’t move me and especially not with coordinated moves.
3. Damn I’m uncoordinated.
4. People are there to dance and not chit-chat much to my disbelief.
5. A few people took this much more seriously than I ever imagined and showed up wearing official dance gear.
6. Official dance gear meaning knee-pads and headbands. Hot pink glitter headbands, to be exact.
7. They make it look so damn easy.

So until the next flashmob I’ll leave you with this quote, “Dance like nobody’s watching” except they will be when you’re in a flashmob. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you should make sure you’re going to be in the actual flashmob and not turfed out before telling people about it and making them show up to look for you in the sea of coordinated turns and hand gestures because you won’t be there.


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