7 Things NOT To Bring With You To The Hospital Before Your C-Section

7 Things NOT To Bring With You To The Hospital Before Your C-Section

Going in for a scheduled C-section is exciting and nerve-racking and everything you would expect it to be. You know, “major surgery” and all that jazz.

After my first C-Section I vowed that I would be more prepared the second time around. Okay, so that’s a lie. I vowed I would never do this again and when that feeling soon faded, you know kind of around the same time when the idea of a new baby becomes tolerable, we decided to have another. So once again I am faced with the numerous lists of “Have To’s” and “Don’t Do’s” and “You’re Crazy If You Forget To’s.”

Not that anything particularly went wrong (knock on wood) but just that I had, to put it mildly, “over packed” and all the wrong things. And chances are you will too if you have these 7 nonessential items jammed into your hospital bag too!

1) A Hairdryer.
Pack a hair tie and not a hairdryer. I nearly strangled my first born with my freshly blown locks. Why not get rolled into surgery with a rubber band around your wrist?
2) Laptop
I’m all for capturing the moment with words and how I feel, but I barely had time to message my sister asking her to pick up some edible food, let alone write down my feelings.
3) Reading Material
It’s pretty useless to pack any material and the first time around I had been delusional enough to pack two books and five magazines as though I was going to be reading anything other than what I would be panicking about and Googling at 4 am like, “pulsing pain in right leg after C-section…normal?”
4) A Cute Sweat Suit
You will not be able to put any pants on, let alone snug fitting juicy couture ones. Pack your largest loosest dress or a piece of cloth to wrap yourself with. The hospital standard mesh panties will be hands down the most comfortable thing ever. Get yours hands on a few of those.
5) High Heels
Umm…or anything uncomfortable and this includes not bringing certain annoying people to hospital with you. You know who you are.
6) Make up
Don’t bother. No, ladies this is not the time to try and look “cute”. Don’t forget Kate Middleton probably had 10 stylists prep her before she “casually exited the hospital”.
7) Your Nutribullet
No, the nurses will probably not entertain your need to “detox and get healthy again” a few hours post surgery. Best to leave “The World’s Original Nutrition Extractor” at home.

Less is definitely more when packing for the hospital stay post C-Section but I have to say I’m glad I brought my Valentino kitten heels, even if I didn’t wear them. Just having the option to exit in style made me feel more like my life hadn’t changed thaaaat much. One week into the eternal land of sleeplessness and little did I know that my precious little kitten heels would soon be shoved at the back of my closet to make place for the more comfortable and practical converse.


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