7 Killer Life Lessons Learned over the Holiday Break

7 Killer Life Lessons Learned over the Holiday Break

I need to explain to everyone… ummm well, at least to my two fans—Mommy and Daddy—why I didn’t post over the holiday break.

I delivered baby #3 (yes, my third and final puzzle piece) and we went home where I do what I do. What’s that? That’s really trying to do it ALL. And no, not doing it well. What does it look like? It looks frantic and involves a lot of coffees that go cold on me before I can take a sip.

Where it all went bad is… I experienced a death over the holidays. The death of my laptop. How? The three year old got too close. Turns out, my laptop enjoys my food-smeared fingers and dribbled liquids, but not those of my little puzzle pieces. It (she?) crashed. I took her to the place all sick laptops go to be “diagnosed.” No joke. Diagnosed. I cried because she had to stay there over Christmas break and that meant zero posting and writing and editing and yes, potential online shopping. Could I have used another laptop? Sure. Did I? No. That would involve learning how to use a different mouse. Not happening with 3 very young kids and an average of 3 hours sleep per night.

This was life’s way to force me to take a step back and breathe. Laptop free.

Here are 7 life lessons I gleaned during my dead-laptop break.

  1. I missed my crusty and food stained keys and that’s okay.
  2. Note-taking manually is hard when you barely have the strength to grip a pen.
  3. People don’t seem to mind if you DON’T manage to send them a cute e-card wishing them a happy Christmas and joyful New Year.
  4. Missing deadlines and Skype calls and being squeezed for time just doesn’t really matter. The world didn’t blow up. And my 3 year old, 1 year old, and 1 month old will never be these ages again.
  5. Not checking my emails left me more time to shave my legs and dry my hair.
  6. Enjoying the moment meant unfortunately also enjoying tantrums and stains and burpy spit ups. This was a lose-win. Still working out if I should be up close to this stuff or hide behind “working on my ‘puter” and what’s better for my mental health.
  7. This break was forced upon me and the best things that have happened to me have always happened by force—don’t freak out, I don’t mean forced marriage or anything! More like a whirlwind of events kinda works for me…

So, I don’t want you to think I’ve broken up with you or that I’ve just lost interest in the written word or my weekly blogs or my book-in-progress. I really haven’t. I just took a little break. And she—my laptop—didn’t kill me for it so please don’t either.



  1. January 6, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Best photo ever you can FEEL that laptop dying from that coffee…..,! Great post! Happy New Year.

    • January 10, 2017 / 2:24 pm

      ahhhhh really killed me. seriously. 🙁 still getting to my new one….have to make the keyboard a bit crustier I think!

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