6 Things You Did Not See Coming that Change with Mommyhood

6 Things You Did Not See Coming that Change with Mommyhood

We all know that everything in your mind and body changes during pregnancy. What nobody tells you is what changes after you’ve delivered. And who am I kidding – Six Things that Change? It’s really 6,000 Things. We can immediately list a myriad of obvious things, such as #3,782: Finding the Inner Strength to Handle Diaper Blow-outs, but here are 6 curveballs that I honestly didn’t see coming at all and that I am still grappling with.


  1. Working out

I was so good during pregnancy… what happened to her? The Me who made time for the treadmill. I might as well set the treadmill to 12. I don’t even know where my Nikes are. Maybe at the back of my closet beside my skates? Working out is more a matter of heavy lifting when your toddler wants carrying to the potty and you’re up at 5am not for bikram yoga but to soothe a grumpy newborn back to sleep…


  1. Cooking

For your little ones, yes, you soon find yourself pureeing with the best of them and making mounds of spaghetti Bolognese. But for you or your much-forgotten hubby? Hmmmm…  not so much. Where’s that take-out Chinese menu?


  1. Coffee catch-ups

Can you say, “burnt tongue”? You mutter “Yeah, didn’t sleep… are you sure it’s just a phase?” as you drink someone else’s caramel macchiato without batting an eyelash, or noticing the fact that you’re one hour late to pick up your daughter from school. This from the same girl who used to go ballistic if two pumps of vanilla made it into her cup instead of one.


  1. Date night

Heels are replaced with fuzzy slippers. Your short tight black dress is nowhere to be seen and instead you sport old sweatpants bearing the glitter glue from your daughter’s birthday because she wanted to help you prepare the party bags…


  1. Google

What you google, how often and the images you look at are curated and could be a Pinterboard entitled Shellshocked Mommy. Long gone are the days where I browsed Instagram looking at shoe-short combos… there was something incredibly important about wearing shorts with the right pair of shoes. I can’t remember what that was now.


  1. Freedom to get drunk all day

Can you remember weekends? When you could have a loungey boozy lunch before window shopping and then go out to dinner and get home at 4am? I can’t either. Nope. I really, really can’t. And that’s such a good thing. Except it might be nice to not have to wake up at 6am every single morning to the soundtrack of Mooommmmmmmmyyyy I did poopie!


Those are my 6 Things I Did Not See Coming, what are yours?


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