10 Ways to Multitask while Listening to my Podcast

10 Ways to Multitask while Listening to my Podcast

After tons of retakes and interrupted laughter and mini catfights and more than a few tears… it’s finally out. Backstreet’s back? “Ummm, not really,” as Kaya would say as we’ve only just started so maybe we should just get it all started before saying we are back?

What am I talking about?

My podcast with Sassy Mama Dubai.

It’s called The Sassy Mama Podcast- Finding the Magic in Mommyhood and you can find the first episode on itunes!

Because we’re all a bit new to this I’ve included a list of amazing multi-tasking fun you can be doing at the same time as listening to our podcast. Multi-tasking is our friend. Some of the following are best done with earbuds, others without (I’ll leave it to you to tell me which is which in the comments):

1. Brushing your teeth
2. Dare I say peeing
3. Getting dressed
4. Getting undressed
5. Driving
6. Waiting for your next appointment who is notoriously late
7. Feeding your baby
8. Taking the trash out
9. Listening to your hubby’s day
10. Sex

And definitely check out Kaya’s piece here: www.sassymamadubai.com/podcast-motherhood-launch-parenting-stories-radio

So, as she said: We’re (hopefully) about to make your school run a million times better. Subscribe now and join us every week for a bit of a laugh and a few serious moments too. We’re on a journey that we’d love you to be a part of.
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