10 Things I’ve Forgotten Somewhere Along the Way…

10 Things I’ve Forgotten Somewhere Along the Way…

Somewhere along the way I forgot my pet peeves and must-haves. And how I prefer my coffee. Somewhere along the way I completely disregarded what I wanted, needed, and wished for. Somewhere along the way these tiny puzzle pieces filled my heart, yeah just like an Oliver Jeffers book, and filled my time too. My time was no longer my time. And in the blink of an eye every morning and afternoon and night revolved around potty training and play dates, teething and tantrums, cuddles and cozy time at home.

I have forgotten a few more things:

1. Where I put my barely lukewarm coffee
2. Whose birthday I missed
3. The address of my first beloved apartment in NYC
4. How much I hated cashews and raisins and loved macadamia nuts and dried mango
5. That notes can be taken somewhere other than on the back of my hand or fluorescent Post-Its
6. Why biting my cuticles is an awful habit
7. That my heels always need moisturizer
8. That I sleep better when I don’t have my phone in my hand
9. That I used to wear long earrings
10. How I used to wash my hair daily
11. That I love 90’s hip-hop and reggaton. All the time.

So many things I’ve forgotten along the way and can’t keep track of in this crazy whirl of mommyhood. But in another way I’ve gone over the rainbow and where I am now is that mind-blowing world of mama magic. So yeah, some of the things I’ve forgotten no longer need to be on my list.


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