When 1+1+1= 10

When 1+1+1= 10

Having three kids means you’re officially outnumbered. You’re frazzled and stained and tainted but still hopeful. You google “how to work smart” and “sibling rivalry” and “is every rash contagious” and “sibling hatred?” One upside to feeling outnumbered is noticing you have a strategy. I’ve realized just how strategy I am when I spend QT with each kid, each day. And this leads me to noticing one lesson from each of my three kids.

Ads was my first born (breech baby). I was overexcited to be a mom. Thrilled to have a girl that I could play dress up with! She was then diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Her hip brace she was Velcro’ed into for seven months was my wake-up call. She helped me get out a lot of tears. The tears, and Ads’s smiles taught me FOCUS.

Rio was early because I was maybe trying to do it all. Be a good mom, be a writer, and stay a fun and fit wife. I rushed too much. The balance of the two and work and my marriage and keeping it all together. He taught me BALANCE. How to balance two kids plus work plus a marriage plus keeping my shit together.

Rambo is my third. And last? Actually delete that question mark. I think I’m done. I really underestimated how hard it was going to be. Even with all the help and support that I have. He was on time with the help of progesterone and steroids and a whole lot of caution and paranoia. He wasn’t planned and was the result of a declaration of love after sushi and wine and that’s beautiful. Rambo has taught me that the beauty of life is sometimes—just sometimes—faking it till you make it results in confidence. He has also taught me to estimate things a little better.

I may be outnumbered and have Mommy Brain, but you know what? Mommy Brain remembers everything important and knows what matters in life. Things like focus, balance, and faking confidence till it oozes out of you! And just accepting the fact that 1=1 will more than often feel like ten!


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