“Pomodoro” This

“Pomodoro” This

I’m a headless chicken. I’m overly dramatic and overly emotional and I freak out whenever whatever the situation. It’s not a permanent state of being but more like a fleeting emotion like a whiff of baked bread. Only the scent isn’t pleasant. Point is, my freak outs are brief but significant. Oh, and that is not due to pregnancy hormones because I’m pretty sure I’ve been like this since I was seven.

In the midst of trying to write a book and parent one child and try to get pregnant with the next child (last year), a friend of mine introduced me to the Pomodoro technique. This technique is essentially a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into 25 minute intervals with a 5 minute breather. (Wikipedia) Basically every headless chickens dream because we, (hey, I’m in the HC Club too) need this time limit and guidance otherwise we’d be sure to waste half our day talking about tasks and “researching” aka how to focus.

It’s worked for me. Well, so far. I’ve written over 70 posts in the past year, grown my brand, and am something of a voice for other mamas to express what we’re all secretly thinking! I like being able to quantify my progress. You know, beyond calling my dad and having him tell me, “You are vivacious.” He applies this word to everything.

So I decided to Pomodoro up my parenting style as well. Here’s a quick lowdown on what it is and some tips on when and where to apply it. PP is any manic mom’s way to deal with the issue at hand. In 25-minute time chunks. With 5-minute rest periods… you know, for pee breaks.

  1. BEDTIME ROUTINE: Bed, bath, dinner, story time. Basically everything involving coming home after an activity until you can put them to bed, turn off the lights, and watch Netflix. It’s really okay if they sleep with shampoo still in their hair and if the Winnie the Pooh story they love so much is suddenly only one page long.
  1. BIRTHDAY PARTIES: You go, you take a gift and say hi. You waste 15 mins in the parking lot lecturing your child that when you say it’s time to go they respond with “okay mommy” and not with the usual tantrum. And you’re done. Check it off the list.
  1. COFFEE WITH PUSHY MOM WHO HAS WAY TOO MUCH TIME AND WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND: Pretend to mix up locations, take a “work call” half way through, and intentionally mention the one younger child you have left at home so that you can have a valid escape route/reason to leave after 25 minutes.

A large part of PP for me has been balancing a toddler, a baby, and a bump with a blog, writing a book, and a little downtime with hubby, but I guess it boils down to being in the moment and trying not to multitask too much. Well, unless you’re behind on writing… need to buy tons of birthday gifts, and have kids with fevers. That’s when you proceed to have a breakdown and call your mom for some sympathy. Immediately.


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