What I Need to Tell My Mom This Year on Her Birthday (and Mother’s Day)

What I Need to Tell My Mom This Year on Her Birthday (and Mother’s Day)

So many things change when we become a mom. The sagging and forgetfulness we are all aware of, but something that isn’t expressed so often is our newfound appreciation for our moms. Today is my mom’s birthday. She’s on the 13th, like me, just different months. On her birthday I need to tell her something—how much I appreciate her.

The Unfun Thing

I never realized how tired you were when you said you were tired. I’m sorry for rolling my eyes and calling you unfun. And unenergetic. Are those even words?

The Juggling Thing

I really didn’t appreciate how much you had to juggle raising us kids, I just thought you were on edge. I get it now. I GET IT.

The Unnecessary Critique Thing

Sorry for calling the hamburgers you made at home gross and for telling you that I wished you knew how to cook like so-and-so’s mom. (Big kisses to your mama Rabia—her pizza was and still is the yummiest I’ve ever had!)

That Way We Are Scarily Similar

I’m still a worrier, but I worry less about the things that are out of my control. The things that are written and can’t be erased or worked around. Yup, I’m a fate kinda girl like you.

More of the Juggling Thing

Lecturing us on homework. I get it now. I GET IT.

The Living Up to Your Standards Thing

I have to tell you that I stopped picking my nose. Putting hot pepper on my fingers really did help. Although I still bite my cuticles. Sorry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you, Mama. So much that my heart breaks even thinking of a world without you. The way I am with my kids is proof of your love for me and thank you for always reminding me that each day, each project and each encounter—good or bad—is just piece and by no means the entire puzzle.


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