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Yes, there are 1,000,000 moms’ blogs on the net. Why? Just like “Santa threats” and that glass of wine, it’s because we need them!

We need reminders to breathe through all the twists and turns, twirls and dips, and through every push and shove of being a mom.

We need to know it’s normal to pack sixteen diapers the first time you leave the house (it is); that every new mom checks 12 apps, reads 7 books, and surfs 5 websites for how the baby compares on milestone charts (normal); that even the sweetest little darling can grow into a kid who eats only chicken nuggets for breakfast, poops in the corner because she is a dog for the day, and agrees to go to school only when dressed in flippers and goggles (oh-so-sadly-freaking-normal).

I love making new beasties with mom bloggers – especially for the glimpse into how they find the time to blog!

I needed to know that it’s okay to let shaving *both* legs drop to the bottom of the priority list, it’s time to accept that my butt will never be the same again, and my sister’s mantra of “Cry now, laugh later,” was just another way of saying “Hang on.”

I want other moms around the world to know that none of us has to do this alone. We don’t have to live with the myth that once we see our precious baby’s face nothing else will ever matter . . . because poopy diapers, vaccine shots, sleep deprivation, and the next pregnancy all do get in the way.

So… in this particular mom’s blog I’m here to fight the breakdowns, laugh at the breakthroughs, and make sense of this beautiful, magical, manageable mess. You’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog bobbing in the big beautiful ocean of mommy blogs. Look for @magicmommyhood and #findingthemagic.


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