I’ve dropped the ball

I’ve dropped the ball

So, through 3 pregnancies, 3 C-sections oh, and a book coupled with multiple coffees and breakdowns (of course), I’ve always tried to post something…umm, ANYTHING once a week. It’s sometimes an incredible masterpiece of words that I’m proud of and that The Huffington Post agrees to publish and …well, sometimes it’s not.

Lately though? I’ve dropped the ball. Umm…yes, again.  Things have been a bit …well, hectic. Okay, psychotic and I haven’t posted since February! I know….I know…it’s been a while. Okay, it’s been completely and utterly crazy. Yes, like that adorable little chicken or hamster I so often compare myself to.  I’ve tried to stop and get off the wheel but a) I’m all about efficiency and b) I’m a go big or go home kinda gal oh, and c) I believe self-deprecation is charming.

So, yes…I’m that hamster. Yes, I’m that chicken who seems to have misplaced their head. And yes, I probably will continue to multitask the shit out of my day and take on 3 more projects because I like working on things that excite me. And well, I can’t exactly return my kids, right?

So here I am again after all this time and I’ve reworked stuff a bit. I promise not to disappear again. Unless I’m having a 4th little puzzle piece and am in complete panic mode. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Well, at least not soon (and maybe not ever…shh don’t tell my MIL).

I mean, we were just on a break okay? (Thank you FRIENDS for making that a cool thing.)

And now for my vows: I promise to give you some good “brew” to get you through your next week and I swear to stay authentically real in our (’cause there’s no way I’m doing this on my own) hunt to find that magic …and find a damn wand. No paid promotions here, either. Enjoy.

1) Dance to this (because dance offs make everything better)
2) Read this (because he’s cooler than me)
3) Remember this (because it’s true)

On a final note, thank you for staying along with me and holding my hand.  Yes, even though sometimes what I’ve brewed up for you is less of an incredible hiccup story and more like a 6th grader’s diary entry.

See you next week and until then, remember that cracks are what let the light through. Promise.



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