Happy New Year’s Mommies

Happy New Year’s Mommies

New year. New start. Blah blah blah. We all know the drill. What’s different this year? Nothing much other than the fact that I’m not pregnant. I’m not breastfeeding. Oh, and my son and toddler are both KNOCK ON WOOD sleeping through the night. Don’t hate me.

But New Year’s means a new list of resolutions. And who doesn’t love those?
Here are 16 resolutions for 2016!

1. Sleep.
2. Shave both legs at a time.
3. Learn how to operate Apple TV.
4. Convince the toddler to stop pretending to be a cat.
5. Convince the baby to stop using a pacifier. And stop whining. All. The. F’ing. Time.
6. Learn how to ride a bike. Yes, as in a bicycle. Don’t judge.
7. Be a better driver. Okay, learn how to drive. Stop judging! In third world countries you buy your license and a long list of other things.
8. Stop biting my cuticles. Okay, let’s be realistic here… Only bite the cuticles of my left hand.
9. Start taking vitamins for my hair … And nails … And skin. Actually forget it. Take that money and buy a bottle of wine instead/go out for drinks because I’ll be so focused on how quickly I get tipsy post giving birth to babies I won’t care that I’m bald and nail-less.
10. Plan a date night. With my husband. Actually go.
11. Learn how to code and write script. Or google what those two things are and get so bored trying to understand either that I scrap that plan.
12. Plan a family vacation to Madagascar. Book the tickets, hotel and make a list of what animals kids will see. Get overly tired and put in the DVD instead.
13. Start every morning with a green juice cleanse. (Or decide that cold black coffee from the night before is good enough to kick start my morning. Still weighing this one up.)
14. Join a gym. The same one. Yeah that’s right the same one I’ve been joining and not going to every year.
15. Download every single song I’ve ever heard that I like. Wait, what’s so bad about the radio again?
16. Get good at easily creating 365 beautiful Instas, FB posts, blog posts and tweets to find the magic! (while keeping my fingers crossed, of course, in the hopes of locking down a publisher this year!)

What are your 16 resolutions for ’16?



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